Axion 107 with Amanda Darling

Axion 107 with AmandaDarling 10.25.21 | 10:30 PM PST | Tranceplayer Digital FM

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Track List MBX & Hausman - Voyager (Extended Mix)

Yuri K - Thai (80s Remake) (Original Mix)

Club 84 - Sophie (Michael Cassette mix) (Amanda Darling Edit)

Grum (ft Jinadu) - Running (Extended Club Mix)

Jason Ross - The Accord (Extended Mix)

Vangelis - Rachel's Song (Andy Moor Remix) (Amanda Darling Edit)

Arkham Knights - Awakening

Chris Liebing - Trilogy (ANNA Remix)

Mha Iri & Andrea Signore - Omnia (Original Mix)

Andrew Bayer - Bottle Top Trance

Elypsis - Cordelia (Extended Mix)

AXMO - Paralyzed (Extended Mix)

Aresz & Taygeto - Zephyr (Extended Mix)

Giuseppe Ottaviani - Blowing in the Dark (Extended Mix)

XiJaro & Pitch meets JTwo0 - Out of this World (Extended Mix)

A.R.D.I. - Follow the Shadow (Extended Mix)

Sneijder & Billy Gillies - Rhino (Extended Mix)

Krama - Varium (Original Mix)

Schameleon - Free (Original Mix)

Skitzologic & Atmos - Transductive Behavior (Original Mix) Guest Mix - Exist in Sound Exist in Sound - Ballad (Remix)

RAM & Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Grotesque (Original Mix)

Ayda - Coliseum (Intro Mix)

BT - Flaming June (Fred Baker Remix)

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