As heard on Tranceplayer 01.26.22 | Ayumi Hamasaki Mixed

Tranceplayer | Exist in Sound | 01.26.22 Tranceplayer Digital FM & First Person Media Player.

01.26.22 | Tranceplayer Exist Team performing a mix of the trance remixes of 2001's Ayu Trance by Ayumi Hamasaki.

While not a TPLYR affiliate, we want to express our gratitude to the Ayu Trance series. They are magical.



Loadout: Pioneer DDJ-SB3

Exist in Sound | San Diego | Los Angeles

Tranceplayer™ First Person Media Player (FPMP) + Digital Concert Space (DCS) + Audio live stream capability + Powered by the Exist API & Unreal Engine Developed by Leka Studios, Sweden Tranceplayer Lite Available here Mobile Companion at the Google Play Store ESRB Rated E for Everyone


Tracklist: Boys & Girls (Push Extended Mix)

M (Above & Beyond Vocal Mix)

UNITE! (Airwave Vocal Mix)

Evolution (Goldenscan 12" Vocal Mix)

Trauma (JamX & De Leon's DuMonde Vocal Mix)

AUDIENCE (Darren Tate Extended)

Fly High (Voodoo & Serano Club Mix)

SURREAL (Marc Et Claude Club Mix)

Depend on You (Svenson & Gielen Club Mix)

Kanariya (System F Extended Mix)

Appears (Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star 12" Vocal Mix)


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